Another Hero martyred


Another life taken… In the terrorist encounter that took place in Delhi yesterday, Inspector Mohan Chand Sharma was shot at… 4 bullets in his system and he succumbed to his injuries on Friday night. He was the mastermind in the investigation of the recent Delhi blasts. He was the best encounter specialist in the Delhi police force after ACP Rajbir Singh who was killed a few months ago. He was successful in tracing the people down. 2 killed and 2 caught. A highly efficient officer. He had 150 medals and the encounter of 35 terrorists, to his credit.

The nation mourns this gallant hero’s death. But this hasn’t been the first.

There are so many people that are killed in encounters, fighting for the nation, fighting so that we sleep peacefully at night. Isn’t it overwhelming to see such people martyred? It’s saddening.

If you ask me there is no God that is fighting all the crime in the world as religion believes. It’s people like these who selflessly fight to protect the nation against cruelty and crime… While on the other hand there are criminals and terrorists who are waiting to kill innocent people for no fault of theirs. Because they’ve been born into a certain religion. That’s not justice. These are the people who are giving justice to those victims.

All these people die, but the question is do they die fruitlessly? After all these years and probably thousands of people who have died, terrorism is still rampant in our country. There is still war and there are a lot more lives that have to be given for there to be complete peace…

May his soul rest in peace and spare a thought for all the people who have been martyred for the country. All those men who have died for us. All those people who we haven’t been grateful to. We owe our lives to these great souls.

God bless them and May all their souls rest in peace.

11 thoughts on “Another Hero martyred

  1. nivedithasperceptions

    @ Rajesh and Anup
    We should all be concerned shouldn’t we?

    @ Anup
    We should fight terrorism. I’m not saying use “non violence” or anything, I know that’s bullshit… But yeah we should atleast fight it.

  2. Very correct niveditha. I too sometimes feel that whatever comfort and security we have today in our lives if mostly because of the effort of such people. Hats off to such heroes. God bless their soul:)

  3. Hi Niv,
    We Indians (including me) have such a short memory that we will forget him in a week’s time and move on with our lives.
    I read somewhere that when one ace shooter who won gold in Olympics (Bindra) gets 1.5 crore, another ace shooter (MC Sharma) who shot terrorists risking his life for our safety, gets only 5 lakhs.
    Keep them coming,

  4. nivedithasperceptions

    @ Suresh
    Yeah… We somehow don’t seem to value it too much don’t we?!

    @ Salil
    I know, life has already moved on. Exactly why the hypocrisy? Why the difference between an olympic gold and a life? Do we value a gold medal more than a precious life?

  5. bedathur

    Very sad. Worthy post!

    BTW, what happened to the “Gandhigiri” post? I came looking for it because I didn’t read it completely when I last saw it!

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