From the heart.


This is a long impending post I suppose. My recent trip to India after a year and a half of living in the USA was a big eye opener for me. Personally I woke up to what I really want in life and what I’m ready to give up to attain that stage.

But there are a few things that really saddened me. The gang rape of Jyoti Singh Pandey was shocking and distressing to everyone and a lot of people spoke about it. But the life is lost and brutally at that. So no amount of words can give solace to her family and friends. It’s just frightening to think that we as a society are so vulnerable to such terrible forces. Why?

Rules are imposed. The best way to prevent rape is to have tinted glass taken off people’s cars? REALLY?! I don’t know who’s making these rules up. But they might want to think of more stringent ones. Keeping Kasab in VIP treatment prison for 4 years after what he did was alright but not having tinted glass on a car?

I know a lot of people wouldn’t agree but capital punishment should be pushed for. Because living in a prison in India is equivalent to living at the Taj for the rest of your life. Prison punishment is a farce. As long as more stringent laws are in place like the middle eastern countries we can expect some law and order.

Also, I saw so much poverty. It’s not like they weren’t there earlier but not being accustomed to such daily sights it hit me all the more I suppose. And inflation is so high in India that not all social stratas have access to healthy food and a roof to live under. Which is a pathetic state of affairs.

The answer to all these problems does not lie in NGOs and people trying to do any kind of charity work. That doesn’t mean I don’t support them. I totally applaud their effort. But we’re the largest democracy in the world. With 1.2 billion people it’s not possible by NGOs to save the country.

It’s the government that should do something. And our government consists of a prime minister who talks less than a child who hasn’t learn how to talk, a foreigner who’s controlling the entire puppet show and transferring BILLIONS of dollars to her personal swiss bank account. A 40 year old baby who thinks that he can change the nation by being under an illusion of “handsomeness” and that’s his only qualification to be elected prime minister.

A bunch of other goons, mafia heads and who knows what else who are trying to swindle all the country’s money. They’re sucking the common man out more then they can imagine. And there’s nothing one can do about it but write blogs.

That’s why I support Anna Hazare. He really could not do much in terms of delivery. But he at least became the voice of the common man. The voice of me and you. He had the guts to stand up to the government.

Is it going to change at all. Do the 2014 elections have any hope for the nation? I’m not sure I will be voting due to geographical constraints and domicile issues. But is there someone out there who is capable of changing the face of the nation. Where women can walk out after 10 pm and not have a metal rod shoved up their private parts?

I’m an outsider now. I’m a sell out to my nation. There’s only so much I can say or do. But there are people who are living in the country and squeezing it as much as possible to ensure that the common man doesn’t live happily.

Will there be a mass rebellion and will the rebellion pay off? I don’t know. I only wish that I be part of it. Also, I mean no offense to any government officials who might be reading this. As there have been a spree of arrests for telling the truth! The weak of this nation post on forums to vent out their anger. What do you want to curb next? How much air they breathe? So you can cash in on that and put it in your bank accounts?

Is there a solution to all these problems? Is there hope? I wonder…

8 thoughts on “From the heart.

      • I don’t think so. How many people go in the way of bribing to get work done? Change has to start somewhere. How many amongst our own friends and family are still giving dowry? Why can’t they take the first step. Transforming oneself here is not accepting things isn’t it? Infact, it is the exact opposite.

        And what is the aam aadmi doing? Spitting on the road and saying that roads in India are bad?

  1. Hugs and more hugs. I can understand how you feel – the anger and the helplessness… sigh!
    But, I have hope that things will change.. people in their homes will change and teach their children respect and boundaries…

  2. Swaram: I understand that there are some people who do that. But there are also others who are sincerely working hard for their country. Like you. Who’s not getting anything in return.

    And speaking of bribe. I recently had to get some legal work done. A registration and I refused to pay bribe for it. They said they will not budge. They threatened to tear the papers if we didn’t pay them bribe. What can you do to change that really?

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