Career Fair Horrors.


Life poses many instances where you get to meet a lot of new people under scary and extremely awkward circumstances. Vivas are a primary example of that. But career fairs come a close second.

Looking for a job can be a pain in the erm… And being at NC State and attending a gazzilion career fairs has taught me somethings about the kind of people who give jobs to other people and the kind of people who get jobs!

Job givers aka Recruiters.

The I’m-on-verbal-diarrhea- They will tell you everything awesome about their company and tell you that they don’t have a job. It ended as fast as it began and it was painful and a lot of unnecessary things came out of that one sided conversation, including an apply online request!

False hope Freds– They listen to you, they communicate well, they tell you that you are awesome and you are a perfect fit and that you will absolutely get a job and then end it with applying online. I’ve had over-enthusiastic and OTT people who have LOVED me. Got nowhere. :rollseyes:

You’re-the-500th-person-I’m-meeting-today-Get-out-of-my-face– Especially if you go in the afternoon, enthusiasm levels have dropped and myriads of college kids telling them the same thing over and over and over again. Gosh! Cut it out already! Will hand you a pamphlet and say READ. That pamphlet usually contains the link to applying online.

International? STAY AWAY– Sometimes you see a desi in a career fair and you say “Oh great, Desi, they sponsor visas let’s go and try our luck at that company” And the Desi himself will tell you “Oh I’m Sorry we don’t sponsor visas” Then how the Hell did you get up here??? I applied online, so should you *Flashes bright smile which is a cue for you to get lost from his face*

If you ask me, the only upside to career fairs are those freebies- Lots of candy! :P And some water bottles/flasks/t shirts/ other awesome things.

Job Getters Aka Computer Science graduates.

Now, let’s talk about people who do get jobs from career fairs. The people who do not have the attitude that is mentioned above or computer science grads. Computer science grads are welcomed into career fairs like Gods and given out jobs (Although, computer science grads may still beg to differ. But we all know the truth don’t we, don’t be modest!)

So, here I am… All dressed up, in the hope that I will go conquer the world and get myself a decent paying job and all.

Suit-check, Sassy makeup- check,  Resume-check. I go there and say “Hi I’m Niveditha a supply chain management blah blah blah… I’m awesome and shit blah blah blah” And get slapped with a “Apply online” on my face or “We don’t sponsor visas for internationals” or worse “Supply chain management? Do you know any java?”

Disclaimer: If you are a recruiter who has come to visit my blog page because you’re doing a background check on me, I love you, you are awesome and I need that job. I’m a perfect fit and I will provide you with my resume if you contact me. Thank you very much, you have a nice day

7 thoughts on “Career Fair Horrors.

  1. Rashmi Shekhar

    And what’s with the “Ohh I forgot to bring my business cards today!”. Who “forgets” to bring business cards to a career fair. Such few people have been honest enough to say they don’t give out personal information.

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